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Advanced meter project

FortisBC has been approved to begin work on the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project.

About 130,000 electricity meters in B.C.’s Southern Interior will be upgraded with advanced meters by 2015.

New advanced meters look similar to current digital meters and measure electricity use in the same way, but they can wirelessly send information about electricity consumption to FortisBC. That creates a more efficient electrical system and cost savings that will be passed on to customers. Rates will be lower with advanced meters than without them.

The BC Utilities Commission approved FortisBC’s application for its AMI project in July after a lengthy public process.

Benefits of advanced meters

More tools for you to better manage and understand your electricity bill, millions of dollars in cost savings to help keep electricity rates low, and a dramatic cut in electricity theft.

Advanced meters explained

View the project timeline, see the difference between old and new, understand radio frequency emissions and health and security facts.  And download our AMI newsletter.
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Common questions

If you have questions about advanced meters, you’ll find answers to many common questions in this section.

Getting your meter replaced

Here’s how your meter will be replaced and what you need to do beforehand.

Radio-off option

Advanced meters provide numerous benefits to our customers. However, we recognize that some of our customers do have concerns. The radio-off option gives customers who have concerns about advanced meters the choice to receive an advanced meter with the radio transmissions disabled.


Want to ask a question or provide a comment? Contact us directly using our form. Be sure to check out our FAQ for answers to many commonly asked questions. Learn more about the AMI project, including its benefits (PDF).