Renewable Natural Gas safety

Safety is our number one priority. As a regulated utility, FortisBC is held to high safety standards for all of our energy services—and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is no exception. We ensure all of our suppliers and RNG facilities are compliant with the latest safety standards and codes.

You can learn more about the safety requirements our facilities adhere to in the Biogas Association’s Municipal guide to biogas (page 33).

RNG safety study

In co-operation with other major gas utilities, FortisBC carried out a study to determine if RNG was a safe alternative to conventional natural gas:

  • Multiple gas sources were examined in numerous locations around North America and compared with conventional natural gas.
  • Study results showed that upgraded biomethane (RNG) is interchangeable with natural gas.

This means customers won’t see any difference in the quality of gas provided. You can rest easy that it meets the same safety standards as conventional natural gas.