Electricity system safety

Thanks to our comprehensive approach to safety—including regular inspections, maintenance and system upgrades—our electricity transmission system continues to have an excellent safety record.

We renew and upgrade our system in accordance with Canadian codes and standards, and our dedicated, highly-trained employees ensure our dams, power lines and other electrical equipment are well-protected from potential damage.

FortisBC’s Transmission and Distribution System Programs

Our Transmission and Distribution System Programs ensure the integrity of our electricity transmission systems. It’s our comprehensive, systematic approach to effective detection and remediation activities, and is frequently reviewed to ensure continued public safety. These programs outline our regular safety and maintenance activities, including:

  • renewing and upgrading our system
  • conducting inspections of the rights-of-way to check for damage and third-party activity near our equipment
  • conducting annual inspections including patrol, condition assessment, test and treat and infrared 
  • operating a vegetation management program along our rights-of-way
  • providing awareness information to the public and landowners along our rights of way
  • practicing responding to events, such as a flood, by working with first responders, government and other agencies to apply our emergency response plans
  • educating landowners, excavators and the public on how to stay safe around our electricity system and rights-of-way through our safety awareness programs