Natural gas services

If you're a residential, business or industrial customer and you need to install, remove or move a natural gas line, or upgrade your natural gas service, we’ve got online service request tools here for you. If you have any questions, call us or email us using the contact information below.

Find out where FortisBC provides natural gas service

  • Our interactive map will tell you if natural gas is available in your neighbourhood.
  • No natural gas in your area? Contact an energy solutions manager to see if we can bring natural gas to your neighbourhood.

How to request a natural gas line

Find out how to connect your home or business to natural gas.

Getting natural gas: it’s easier than you think

Manage your service request

Open, close or move your account

If you need to open a new natural gas account, or if you’re moving or want to close your natural gas account with us, use our online tools.

Open, close or move your account

Move or remove a natural gas line

If you’re renovating or demolishing a building, you can submit a request online or contact us to move or remove a natural gas line.

Move or remove a natural gas line

Find a local gas contractor

Looking for qualified local professionals to install or service your electric or natural gas equipment and appliances? Search our directories to find a contractor.

Gas appliances: comfort and convenience

Gas heating systems are up to 98 per cent efficient, and gas appliances provide comfort and convenience. Find out which gas heating systems and appliances are best for your home.