Submitting supporting or rebuttal evidence for your contract dispute

If you have an open dispute against your gas marketer, and wish to submit supporting evidence for your dispute and/or respond to gas marketer evidence submitted against you, please follow the instructions below.

Important: FortisBC is not a party to your dispute against your gas marketer. We’ll ensure your supporting and/or rebuttal evidence is referred to the British Columbia Utilities Commission for mediation and adjudication.

Information required for all mailed or faxed evidence:

The following numbers must be clearly displayed on each page you submit—otherwise, we may not be able to attach them to your dispute:

  • tracking number
  • FortisBC account number
  • point of delivery (POD) number

To find these numbers:

  • If you logged a dispute online: refer to the confirmation email you received.
  • If you logged a dispute over the phone: the customer service representative you spoke with should have provided you with these numbers at the end of your call.
  • If you cannot find your tracking number, FortisBC account number and/or POD number: Call 1-888-224-2710.

You can also get your account number and POD number from your most recent FortisBC bill:

Mailing address for supporting and/or rebuttal evidence

ATTENTION: FortisBC Customer Support
PO Box 48230
Bentall Centre Vancouver, B.C.
V7X 1N8

Fax number for supporting and/or rebuttal evidence

ATTENTION: FortisBC Customer Support RE: Dispute evidence for FortisBC account # [insert your account number here]
Fax number: 1-888-224-2720

Your evidence will be processed within two business days.