Saving energy for non-profit organizations

If you’re a housing provider or a registered charity that serves income-qualified people—including social housing, co-op housing or Indigenous housing—our rebates and programs1 can help you save on energy costs and improve your residents’ homes. 

Make your buildings and common areas more energy-efficient

Whether you’re replacing your water heater or renovating a multi-unit social housing building, our financial incentives can help make your energy-efficiency improvements happen. For details, visit each program page or contact your key account manager or technical advisor.

Programs for housing providers

Social housing retrofit support program  

If your non-profit organization is upgrading a multi-unit residential building, you may be eligible for funding for an energy study (up to $8,000), project implementation support (up to $11,000) and various rebates for upgrades to save electricity and gas. Learn more about this program and contact your key account manager to apply. 

Rebates for electrical equipment2

Commercial lighting

Save up to $185 per unit on upgrading to high-efficiency LED lighting, signage and controls for common areas of your building, including parkade and exterior luminaires. Find out what products are eligible and how to apply

Foodservice and laundry equipment

If you have a commercial kitchen or laundry facilities to serve income-qualified people, you can get rebates of up to $2,800 on ENERGY STAR® certified cooking equipment, dishwashers or commercial clothes washers, or up to $6,600 per exhaust hood for demand-controlled ventilation systems. Find out more about eligible appliances and how to apply

Heat pumps and electric water heaters

Save on the costs of electric heating and cooling with rebates of up to $750 per tonne for high-efficiency air source heat pumps (split system and rooftop), packaged terminal heat pumps and occupancy sensors, and variable refrigerant flow systems, as well as up to $3,000 per ENERGY STAR certified heat pump water heater. Learn how to find eligible models and apply.

Refrigeration equipment

If your facility serves income-qualified people, you can get rebates of up to $1,450 per unit on ENERGY STAR certified commercial refrigerators, freezers and ice machines. Rebates are also available for upgrading display cases and controls for coolers and vending machines to high efficiency. Learn more about how to find eligible equipment and apply

Variable speed drives

Get rebates of up to $140 per motor hp for retrofitting existing motors and fans to improve the energy efficiency of the HVAC and exhaust systems in your building. Learn more about equipment requirements and how to apply.  

Deliver energy-saving upgrades to income-qualified residents

Non-profit housing providers can have our programs for income-qualified residents3 delivered to multiple homes in a complex. This can help them save on energy bills and improve the comfort of their homes. 

Free programs

Energy Conservation Assistance Program

Your residents can get a free home energy evaluation, installation of energy-saving products and advice on saving energy. Some homes may qualify for an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator or insulation at no cost.3 We will work with you to help deliver this program to the multiple homes that you manage. Learn more about how the program works and contact our program partner, It’s On Electric, at 1-855-560-3227 if you have questions.

Rebates for gas heating systems

Water heaters

If your residences have individual gas water heaters, you can get rebates of $500 to $2,500 for replacing existing water heaters with eligible ENERGY STAR certified models. Learn more about which types of water heaters are eligible and request applications for social housing providers by contacting your key account manager.

We’re here to help

If you have questions about these programs, contact your technical advisor or key account manager

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1Terms and conditions apply, which can be found on webpages for each program. FortisBC may modify or cancel programs at any time without notice.
2Programs for electricity customers of FortisBC and municipal utilities of Penticton, Summerland, Grand Forks and Nelson Hydro. 
3Income qualified means that the resident's total household income from all sources (including rental and/or foreign income) is within program limits. See current information on income thresholds by household size