Carbon Capture Pilot Program

Our Carbon Capture Pilot Program is using small-scale technology to help BC businesses save energy and decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while continuing to use natural gas.

We provide a rebate to offset the cost of purchasing and installing the carbon capture unit to program participants. The carbon capture unit can reduce the energy usage of commercial natural gas boilers by up to 10 per cent.1

Expected benefits of carbon capture technology for businesses

  • reduce energy usage, saving money on energy bills
  • reduce GHG emissions, helping BC meet emission reduction goals

Natural gas: part of BC’s low-carbon future

Our Carbon Capture Pilot Program launched in November 2017, with the goal of increasing acceptance of this innovative natural gas technology in the marketplace. Businesses taking part in the pilot include LUSH Cosmetics, Baptist Housing, Starlight housing, Richmond Centre, Richmond School District and Southridge School.

Why carbon capture technology matters

The carbon capture units are produced by Calgary-based CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies. Our director of energy solutions, Jason Wolfe, and CleanO2 CEO Jaeson Cardiff, talk about why this technology is such a game-changer:

How carbon capture works

The carbon capture unit diverts some of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the main exhaust flue before it’s vented outside, reducing emissions. The diverted CO2 undergoes a chemical reaction, which produces:

  1. surplus heat - used later to offset energy demand
  2. potassium carbonate (pearl ash) - a versatile mineral used in making pharmaceuticals and soap, as well as manufacturing glass


For more information on this program and carbon capture technology, email [email protected].

1According to CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies CEO Jaeson Cardiff: