Electrical design process

Planning a new construction project or development, a new service connection, or an upgrade to an existing service? We'll work closely with you to develop an electrical design and cost estimate for our portion of the work.

Getting started

Call us at 1-866-436-7847 or complete our electricity services online request form. We recommend you have the following information on-hand to avoid delays:

  • service specifications as confirmed by electrician (size and voltage)
  • service location
  • site plans

Steps to connect your electrical project

This table provides an overview of the process once you’ve made your initial request. Note: not all actions listed here are required for every project. Timelines are general and will vary based on the size and complexity of the project.

Pre-construction | pre-payment phase

Steps and durationCustomer responsibilitiesFortisBC responsibilities

project coordinator verifies project information (up to 12 days)

  • site meeting with customer and/or their electrician
  • complete design
  • transmission/engineering approval
  • third party preliminary approvals


design technologist determines if design is required (up to 30 days)

Note: timeline for completion is dependent on scope of project

quote provided
Note: valid for 90 days

  • sign and return quote letter to FortisBC
  • submit payment
  • quote provided
  • process payment

Pre-construction | post-payment phase

Steps and durationCustomer responsibilitiesFortisBC responsibilities

design deliverables
(partially customer driven)

  • complete survey
  • sign third party right-of-way (ROW) document and register at land title office
  • pre-dig to identify bedrock ahead of excavation
  • basic tree and branch clearing Note: more complex jobs will be completed by FortisBC
  • complete civil inspections pre-job prior to excavation, along with eventual civil inspection sign offs
  • email affidavit to [email protected] (include reference # in subject line)
  • electrician installs current transformers
  • civil works constructed as per FortisBC IFC drawings
  • approve survey
  • order/prepare ROW documents and send to customer/third party
  • apply for required permits (e.g. municipal, provincial government, etc.)
  • provide civil inspections
  • order and supply current transformers
  • order materials
  • dispatch instrument metering
  • release project for construction


Construction phase

Steps and durationCustomer responsibilitiesFortisBC responsibilities
Allow approximately three weeks 
  • assign field crew
  • tree and branch clearing (if required)
  • liaise with third party contractors (TELUS/cable/flaggers/line locates/hoe operators/equipment rentals)
  • schedule outage and arrange for notification
  • schedule construction

Customer Design Build Program

Are you a builder/developer with a large construction project and want to take a more active role in its design, construction and timeline? Learn more about our electrical Customer Design Build Program.

Need an electrical contractor?

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