Tips for hiring a contractor

When you need the services of a gas fitter or electrician, we recommend you hire professionally trained contractors licensed by Technical Safety BC. They can help you choose the right equipment for your needs and ensure it is installed safely and to code.

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What to look for in a contractor

Look for a contractor that:

  • is licensed with Technical Safety BC and employs certified gas fitters and/or electricians
  • is bonded and insured for liability and property damage
  • offers warranties covering equipment, materials and labour
  • offers maintenance and service after installation and after warranties have expired
  • provides customer references
  • is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau

What a contractor’s quote should include

We recommend getting three or more quotes before deciding on which contractor to use. A good contractor will provide you with a written quote that includes a clear outline of the costs and work involved. Remember, the contractor offering the lowest price may not necessarily be the best.

The contractor’s written quote should include:

  • information about the equipment and materials your contractor will supply and install or service
  • what labour they’ll provide
  • the cost of permits and payment of related fees (gas appliance and electrical installation work requires a permit from Technical Safety BC or applicable municipality)
  • the cost of subcontractors and tradespersons (if they’re required)
  • all related taxes and any grants or credits applied to the total cost
  • an estimated project completion date
  • warranty and service information

It may be helpful if the quote also includes:

  • an estimate of the future work required to upgrade piping size and connections for the installation of additional gas appliances and equipment
  • a rough diagram showing the layout of ductwork and placement of piping

Ask for advice to select the right equipment for your home or business

Before making a final decision about which products and services you require, talk to the contractor about your lifestyle and/or daily routines. This will help them recommend what’s right for your home or business. Making the right decision now could help you save money and time in the future.

Ask if your equipment is eligible for rebates

Natural gas and electrical contractors listed in our directories are regularly provided with up-to-date information on our rebates and training opportunities, so they can help you apply for rebates to save money on eligible high-efficiency equipment.

Ask to see the permit before work begins

When your chosen contractor returns to carry out the installation work, ask to see their permit from Technical Safety BC or your municipality.

Be aware of door-to-door sales tactics

FortisBC will never perform or authorize others to perform unsolicited inspections on home equipment, including meters, or visit homeowners to sell or repair any products. If someone comes to your home or business claiming they’re with FortisBC, be cautious and ask to see their company ID.

Through the Customer Choice Program, independent gas marketers may visit you to sell fixed-term, fixed-rate contracts for natural gas, but they are not employed by or associated with FortisBC. Learn more about what to ask when a natural gas salesperson knocks on your door.