Capital expenditure and system development plan

FortisBC is committed to the long-term delivery of safe, reliable electrical service to its customers. To achieve this goal, the Company has developed a long-term system development plan, which identifies necessary reinforcements to FortisBC’s transmission and distribution systems. This plan will allow FortisBC to replace its aging electrical infrastructure and meet increasing load requirements (driven by population growth and new commercial activities), while maintaining its focus on the key areas of safety, customer service, reliability, productivity and the environment.

Complete FortisBC applications for prior years and the proceedings associated with them can be found at

A process that invites your input and keeps you informed

FortisBC is committed to communicating information about our capital projects to our customers and key stakeholders. For more information on major infrastructure enhancements in your area, review the projects in your community.

To view FortisBC applications before the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC), to find out more how power utilities are regulated in BC and how you can provide input through the BCUC review process, visit the BCUC website at