Understanding your bill

If you sign with a gas marketer and complete a Transportation Agreement with us, we want to make sure your bill is clear and makes sense to you. Learn about the line items on your bill and where to find important information below.


Note: you will also receive a second bill directly from your gas marketer for the commodity costs.

1. Rate class and billing date

  • Rate class refers to the type of business or industry you are. In this case, Rate 23 is for commercial, institutional, multi-family and other natural gas accounts with an annual consumption of 2,000 gigajoules or more. 
  • Billing date is the date your bill was issued. Transactions after this date will appear on your next bill.

2. Contact information

We’re here to help if you have questions about your bill. Call us at 1-855-873-8773 or visit fortisbc.com.

3. Amount due

This is the balance outstanding on your account from your last bill plus new charges.

4. Previous bill

  • Less payment is the last payment amount we received from you.
  • Balance from previous bill shows the amount owing, if any, from your previous bill and any payments or adjustments since we issued your last bill.

5. Current charges

Your current charges are made up of three charges. Two of them are fixed charges that are independent of the volume of gas used each month. They include a daily Basic charge and an Administration charge.

The third charge is for the delivery of the natural gas to your business via our distribution system, according to your contract with FortisBC.

See more about transportation natural gas rates.

6. Other charges and taxes

Other charges and taxes you may see on your bill are set by various levels of government. We collect them on their behalf and don’t gain any revenue from these including GST.

7. Gas marketer information

The name of the independent gas marketer you entered into an agreement with for the commodity cost of natural gas is listed here. If you have questions about the cost of gas on your bill, or anything related to your contract with the marketer, you can call the phone number listed here as well.

8. Payment return slip

This return slip gives your account number, bill due date and the total amount due. If you receive a paper bill and either mail your payment or pay in person at your financial institution, please include the return slip.