Projects and planning

With ever-growing populations and ever-increasing demands for energy, we must ensure our systems and services have the capacity to meet our customers’ needs today, and into the future. This requires ongoing resource and project planning.

Natural gas resource planning

We have more than one million natural gas customers across BC, and that number continues to grow. To keep up with the demand for safe, affordable natural gas, we regularly expand and maintain our system.

Natural gas projects and planning

Electricity resource planning

We conduct regular maintenance projects for our existing system, and look for opportunities to invest in system upgrades to support customer growth and future energy demand.

Electricity projects and planning 

Capital expenditure and system development plan

The future of energy efficiency. Let’s go!

We’re always looking for ways to help customers save energy and money. Our pilot programs do exactly that, by testing and evaluating new energy-efficiency technologies in homes and businesses in BC.

The future of energy efficiency