Safety and Environmental Policy

FortisBC’s vision is to ensure that our employees return home safely every single day.

FortisBC recognizes that sound safety and environmental practices make good business sense. Employees are expected to work safely and to protect their health—along with the health and safety of others—and the natural environment during the course of their work, by following established policies, rules, and procedures. The company will not compromise employee and public safety, and strives for excellence in safety performance.

The company is committed to delivering safe, reliable energy in an environmentally responsible manner to all of the communities that we serve.

The company shall:

  • comply with safety and environmental legislation, and operate in accordance with accepted industry practices and standards, and require the same of our contractors
  • commit to injury and incident prevention, the conservation of resources, and the prevention of pollution
  • identify and manage operational hazards, and minimize risks that have the potential for adverse consequences
  • train employees to be aware of and meet their responsibilities in the areas of safety and environmental stewardship
  • communicate openly with employees, the general public and all stakeholders about our activities and the potential impacts on our safety and environment
  • support community-oriented safety and environmental initiatives and programs
  • review the safety and environmental policy on a regular basis, regularly monitor our safety and environmental performance, and strive for continual improvement



Roger Dall’Antonia,
President & CEO, FortisBC