FortisBC Huntingdon Inc. (HIPCO) natural gas facilities

FortisBC Huntingdon Inc. (HIPCO) is a federally-incorporated Canadian corporation and is regulated by the National Energy Board (NEB) as a Class 2 company. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FortisBC Holdings Inc.

History of Huntingdon Inc.

HIPCO was established in 1992 to provide FortisBC with direct access to the Northwest Pipeline, which was needed to better access the Mist and Jackson Prairie (JPS) storage facilities located in the United States. The facilities operated by HIPCO consist primarily of two short, large diameter pipelines that cross the Canada-US border at Huntingdon, BC.  The facilities of HIPCO directly connect with the FortisBC system at its Huntingdon Station and with NorthWest Pipeline.

FortisBC Huntingdon Inc. is also known as HIPCO (Huntingdon International Pipeline Corporation). In 2003, the official name changed to Terasen Huntingdon Inc., and in 2011 it became FortisBC Huntingdon Inc.

Huntingdon Inc. facilities management

HIPCO subcontracts to FortisBC Energy Inc. (FortisBC) to operate and maintain its facilities, a practice followed since the construction of its facilities in 1992. FortisBC operates HIPCO’s pipelines on an integrated basis as part of its Huntingdon Station.

Huntingdon Inc.: connecting the US and Canada

FortisBC utilizes the facilities of HIPCO to transport gas to and receive storage gas from the Mist and JPS facilities located in the United States using transportation capacity operated by FortisBC and Northwest Pipeline. Using these third party facilities helps to minimize imbalances with the Westcoast Transportation South system and ensures that the customer requirements of FortisBC are met safety and reliably.

HIPCO also owns two small distribution segments in Osoyoos, BC, and in Tsawwassen, BC, that are used to transport gas to customers located at US Border posts.

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