Managing your electricity use

Understanding how much energy you use, when and how, will help you take control and manage your bills better. For starters, did you know more than half your home’s energy goes to space heating? In fact, about a whopping 81 per cent of your energy goes to both space and water heating.1 So it makes sense to learn more about how you use energy in your home or business.

Compare or track your use 

Your online account 

You can keep track of how much electricity you use in your home or business, daily or weekly, because of your advanced meter. Simply log in to your account, or register, and you’ll get access to how much energy you use. You’ll see:

  • interactive charts to track your energy usage
  • your energy use at different times throughout the day
  • comparisons of your energy use to previous billing periods

Electricity calculator 

Our electricity calculator helps you identify how much electricity different appliances and heating systems in your home use per hour and/or month and calculates your monthly costs. 

Home energy calculator 

Another calculator we have, the home energy calculator, has two tools: one that lets you compare the cost difference between electricity, natural gas, oil or propane, and one that identifies the annual energy cost of various appliances and heating systems.  

Reduce your use 

There are definitely things you can do to manage and help reduce your energy use. 

1Source: Distribution of residential energy use in Canada 2019, Natural Resources Canada