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Tilbury Marine Jetty receives approval from the Government of Canada

Jul 04, 2024

B.C. Utilities Commission approves energy-based rates for FortisBC’s EV charging stations

Jul 03, 2024

FortisBC first energy utility in North America to automatically designate Renewable Natural Gas for customers

Jun 27, 2024

Inland Gas Upgrades Project nears completion in fifth year of construction

Jun 24, 2024

Cost of gas rate to remain steady for FortisBC customers

Jun 07, 2024

FortisBC reaches another milestone with 50,000 electric vehicle charges at its stations

May 30, 2024

Damage incidents to FortisBC’s gas lines down in 2023 as more British Columbians clicking or calling before they dig

Apr 15, 2024

FortisBC electricity customers will receive bill credit starting April 22

Apr 05, 2024

FortisBC announces Peter Blake as new board chair

Apr 02, 2024

FortisBC Holdings Inc. applauds provincial approval of the Tilbury Marine Jetty Project

Mar 27, 2024

Statement to Stand Environmental Society Notice of Civil Claim

Mar 26, 2024

FortisBC welcomes decision that will increase access to Renewable Natural Gas

Mar 20, 2024

Cost of gas rate to remain the same for FortisBC customers

Mar 18, 2024

FortisBC leads $50 million pilot project to reduce energy use in older homes

Mar 12, 2024

FortisBC welcomes provincial commitment to support energy affordability

Feb 22, 2024

FortisBC approved to invest close to $700 million to help customers lower energy use

Feb 20, 2024

FortisBC named one of B.C.’s top employers for 2024

Feb 13, 2024

B.C.’s energy systems work together to meet demand during cold snap

Feb 02, 2024

B.C. government and industry partners working to develop hydrogen as a low-carbon energy option for families and businesses

Jan 19, 2024

Update on gas odour in Lower Mainland communities

Jan 17, 2024

Gas odour in Lower Mainland communities

Jan 17, 2024

Statement regarding BCUC decision on the Okanagan Capacity Upgrade Project

Dec 22, 2023

Rate change needed to meet growing demand for electricity

Dec 14, 2023

FortisBC gas customers to see a decrease to their bill on January 1

Dec 12, 2023

Vancouver Bandits, FortisBC, I∙SPARC and the Province of British Columbia partner on ‘court projects’ to build four outdoor basketball courts in indigenous communities

Oct 27, 2023

FortisBC reminds customers to monitor energy use ahead of colder weather

Oct 25, 2023

FortisBC recognized for its work in advancing Indigenous Relations

Oct 17, 2023

FortisBC calls for greater care when working near gas lines

Oct 05, 2023

FortisBC supports three B.C. non-profits that work with children and vulnerable people

Sep 20, 2023

FortisBC gas bills reduced due to decreased cost of gas rate October 1

Sep 18, 2023

Construction underway at Vancouver Landfill for Renewable Natural Gas facility

Sep 14, 2023

FortisBC receives cost of capital decision from the BC Utilities Commission

Sep 05, 2023

FortisBC to provide bill credits for wildfire evacuees

Aug 25, 2023

FortisBC reminding British Columbians to stay safe around its hydroelectric dams

Jul 24, 2023

Mini-documentary series explores economic Reconciliation through an Indigenous lens

Jun 20, 2023

Fourth year of Inland Gas Upgrades Project brings more benefits

Jun 19, 2023

FortisBC gas bills reduced due to decreased cost of gas rate July 1

Jun 19, 2023

FortisBC reminds customers that energy use can spike during periods of hot weather

Jun 15, 2023

FortisBC helps customers avoid close to 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2022

May 25, 2023

Ospreys are back in action building their nest on a FortisBC nesting pole

May 18, 2023

FortisBC receives approval from the BCUC for Advanced Gas Meters

May 17, 2023

FortisBC recognizes top energy savers at 2023 Efficiency in Action Awards

May 12, 2023

FortisBC encourages property owners to plant safely this season

May 03, 2023

FortisBC teams with Dicklands Farms to produce Renewable Natural Gas from agricultural waste

Apr 25, 2023

FortisBC hits new electric vehicle milestone, reaching 30,000 charging events

Apr 24, 2023

Milestone $155 million investment approved for FortisBC’s energy efficiency programs

Apr 14, 2023

FortisBC’s damage prevention team reminding British Columbians to dig safely

Apr 05, 2023

Carbon capture reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves money for Surrey school

Apr 04, 2023

Cost of gas decreasing for FortisBC customers

Mar 17, 2023

Big White Ski Resort Launches Community Energy Conservation Program

Feb 22, 2023

FortisBC asks residents of Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island to conserve gas

Jan 31, 2023

Snuneymuxw First Nation and FortisBC Holdings Inc. sign agreement for Tilbury LNG projects, strengthening long-standing relationship

Jan 27, 2023

FortisBC puts its money on sustainability through sustainability linked loan

Jan 13, 2023

Most FortisBC customers will see a decrease to their gas bills in the New Year

Dec 08, 2022

FortisBC receives decision on interim 2023 electric rates

Dec 07, 2022

FortisBC and Tyee Homes achieve net-zero ready with high-efficiency gas equipment

Dec 06, 2022

FortisBC electric customers to receive a one-time cost-of-living credit on behalf of the Province of B.C.

Nov 18, 2022

FortisBC awards three companies with 2022 Excavation Safety Awards

Oct 28, 2022

McDonald’s Canada testing Renewable Natural Gas in its supply chain fleet

Oct 27, 2022

Return-It Announces the Expansion of its CNG-Electric Hybrid Compaction Truck Fleet

Oct 11, 2022

Local FortisBC crews help with Hurricane Fiona clean-up

Oct 11, 2022

FortisBC reminds customers that energy use can spike as temperatures drop

Oct 03, 2022

Cost of gas rates remain steady for majority of FortisBC customers

Sep 16, 2022

Three deserving community initiatives to receive $15,000 each from FortisBC

Sep 13, 2022

Musqueam Indian Band and FortisBC Holdings Inc. sign Tilbury LNG Projects Agreement

Aug 10, 2022

Metro Vancouver Receives Federal, Provincial Funding For Lulu Island Sewage Heat Recovery Project

Jul 28, 2022

FortisBC customers achieve record energy savings in 2021

Jul 26, 2022

FortisBC completes acquisition of Stargas Utilities customers

Jul 11, 2022

Hydrogen partnership to advance new pilot facility with CleanBC support

Jul 04, 2022

FortisBC introduces first commercial rebate for gas absorption heat pumps in Canada

Jun 22, 2022

FortisBC warns that Kootenay Lake could exceed flood level this week

Jun 14, 2022

Volatility in the energy market results in a change to the cost of gas

Jun 10, 2022

FortisBC teams with Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to produce carbon neutral natural gas

Jun 01, 2022

Infrastructure upgrades enter third year and benefits continue to grow

May 31, 2022

FortisBC brings high-efficient gas heat pumps into B.C. homes for the first time

May 26, 2022

FortisBC and RDCK warn that high lake levels are expected over the next few weeks

May 20, 2022

Teaming up to offer small businesses one-on-one energy saving advice

May 17, 2022

FortisBC continues to enable greenhouse gas reductions for customers

May 04, 2022

BC Economic Development award winners for 2022 announced

Apr 26, 2022

Spring is in the air. A joint reminder to dig with care.

Apr 06, 2022

Cost of gas rates stay stable for FortisBC customers

Mar 22, 2022

Public statement: FortisBC addresses concerns on Energy Leaders education curriculum

Mar 04, 2022

British Columbia shown to hold a wealth of renewable and low carbon gas potential

Mar 02, 2022

FortisBC working with property owners to reduce tree-related power outages

Feb 23, 2022

Martini Film Studios Subscribes to Renewable Natural Gas Provided by FortisBC

Feb 02, 2022

December cold snap shows the value of B.C.’s gas system

Jan 28, 2022

FortisBC proposes to provide 100 per cent renewable gas to all new homes

Jan 20, 2022

FortisBC encourages customers to manage their energy use and save money this winter

Jan 12, 2022

British Columbians understand the urgency to improve energy efficiency in their homes

Dec 30, 2021

FortisBC receives decision on 2022 electric rates

Dec 20, 2021

Gas rates change January 1 for FortisBC customers

Dec 17, 2021

Local art and environment projects set to receive a $15,000 boost from FortisBC

Nov 10, 2021

New projects boost Renewable Natural Gas supply for FortisBC

Nov 08, 2021

FortisBC responds to CleanBC update

Oct 25, 2021

Eleven organizations recognized for big energy savings at FortisBC’s 2021 Efficiency in Action Awards

Oct 21, 2021

Seaspan Ferries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through using Renewable Natural Gas in LNG-powered vessels

Oct 20, 2021

BC investing in renewable gas capture at Vancouver landfill

Oct 18, 2021

EverGen Announces BC Utilities Commission Approves RNG Offtake Agreement at Net Zero Waste Abbotsford

Oct 18, 2021

Celebrating local climate action successes during Small Business Week

Oct 18, 2021

FortisBC hits electric vehicle milestone, exceeds 10,000th EV charge

Sep 29, 2021

Construction to begin on gas line replacement project in Burnaby

Sep 27, 2021

FortisBC urging customers to apply for no-cost energy-saving programs before the weather changes

Sep 24, 2021

FortisBC to reopen its Renewable Natural Gas program on October 15

Sep 14, 2021

Cost of gas rate changes due to increase in market demand

Sep 10, 2021

RDKB and FortisBC continue climate action together

Sep 09, 2021

FortisBC teams with Lethbridge Biogas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in B.C.

Aug 12, 2021

FortisBC Renewable Natural Gas program celebrates 10th anniversary

Aug 11, 2021

ThermoLift and FortisBC launch first residential gas heat pump field trials

Jul 08, 2021

City of Nelson explores options for Nelson Hydro assets with FortisBC

Jul 05, 2021

Province enables increased investments in renewable gas, hydrogen

Jul 02, 2021

Potential for high energy use during heat waves

Jun 25, 2021

Canada Invests in 22 New Fast-Chargers in British Columbia

Jun 23, 2021

FortisBC maintains cost of gas rates for customers

Jun 16, 2021

Construction resuming this summer on regional energy infrastructure upgrades

May 26, 2021

Pair of ospreys are safely building their summer home on FortisBC pole

May 13, 2021

Public statement: FortisBC supports opportunities for both gas and electric systems to deliver low-carbon energy

May 04, 2021

EverGen Announces Milestone 20 Year Offtake Agreement with FortisBC

Apr 29, 2021

FortisBC experiencing record participation in its energy-efficiency rebate programs

Apr 22, 2021

Community feedback helps decide new gas line route in Burnaby

Apr 20, 2021

British Columbians grabbing shovels before phones: less than 30 per cent know BC 1 Call is their link to safe digging

Apr 08, 2021

New transit facility and CNG buses for Central Fraser Valley

Mar 30, 2021

FortisBC maintains cost of gas rates for customers

Mar 17, 2021

Metro Vancouver and FortisBC announce formal collaboration on climate action

Mar 15, 2021

BC Economic Development Association 2021 award winners announced

Mar 12, 2021

Fishing in the Kootenay River? Watch out for Rainbow Trout with a tag

Mar 11, 2021

FortisBC warns customers to prepare for spikes in energy use with a colder than average winter predicted

Dec 29, 2020

FortisBC gives early holiday gift to the Vancouver Aquarium

Dec 17, 2020

FortisBC launches project to double LNG loading capacity at Tilbury

Dec 17, 2020

FortisBC entering into a purchase agreement with Stargas Utilities

Dec 16, 2020

Natural gas rates change January 1 for FortisBC customers

Dec 15, 2020

Thirteen transportation organizations in BC hit the brakes on diesel; shift to natural gas

Dec 03, 2020

Quadrogen Power Systems completes Delta project to convert landfill gas into biomethane

Nov 27, 2020

FortisBC receives decision on interim 2021 electric rates

Nov 26, 2020

FortisBC takes significant step towards implementing hydrogen in the natural gas system

Nov 23, 2020

Second route option proposed for Pattullo Gas Line Replacement project

Nov 19, 2020

CO Awareness Week: Prevent Exposure of CO in Your Home

Nov 05, 2020

City of Kamloops Launches New Program to Encourage “Smart” Renovations

Nov 04, 2020

A new group of FortisBC’s REnEW graduates are ready for work

Oct 29, 2020

Helping customers in Trail lower their energy bills this winter season

Oct 29, 2020

FortisBC providing renovators twice the reason to invest in energy savings

Oct 15, 2020

Showing support for business owners during Small Business Week

Oct 15, 2020

FortisBC propane customers in Revelstoke to receive rate relief

Oct 05, 2020

Four deserving non-profits receive a $15,000 donation from FortisBC

Sep 29, 2020

BC Becomes First Province to Deploy Hybrid CNG Technology to Transport Recyclables

Sep 18, 2020

Stepping up to help small businesses increase energy efficiency

Sep 17, 2020

Cost of natural gas rate changes for FortisBC customers on October 1

Sep 11, 2020

FortisBC community project results in new surface for therapeutic riders

Sep 03, 2020

FortisBC presents Excavation Safety Awards to Lower Mainland businesses

Aug 19, 2020

FortisBC is hitting the street to get food where people need it most

Aug 06, 2020

FortisBC sees record high summer electricity usage as temperatures spike

Aug 04, 2020

Osoyoos Indian Band hosting the first public EV charge stations within a B.C. First Nation

Jul 28, 2020

Cost of gas rate changes due to volatile natural gas market

Jul 17, 2020

FortisBC implementing a Clean Growth Innovation Fund

Jul 15, 2020

New Partnership Helps Advance the HVACR Industry in BC

Jul 14, 2020

FortisBC's inaugural Green Bond issuance to mark new step for sustainability

Jul 06, 2020

FortisBC to maintain cost of gas rates until August 1

Jun 26, 2020

Replacement project for gas line on the Pattullo Bridge

Jun 17, 2020

FortisBC finds new ways to connect with Indigenous culture during National Indigenous History Month

Jun 16, 2020

Moving forward with virtual site assessments keep FortisBC pilot projects on track during pandemic

Jun 03, 2020

BC Economic Development Association and FortisBC team up to support local businesses

Jun 03, 2020

Seabreeze Farm updates Renewable Natural Gas equipment using DMT Clear Gas Solutions’ membrane separation technology

May 28, 2020

FortisBC adapts its BC-based school program to support students learning from home

May 06, 2020

FortisBC first to purchase Renewable Natural Gas made from wood waste

Apr 30, 2020

Notice of power outage for FortisBC customers in Naramata

Apr 28, 2020

Renewable Natural Gas Project Proposed for Hartland Landfill

Apr 22, 2020

FortisBC introduces new financial support for customers

Apr 07, 2020

The cost of gas remains steady for the majority of FortisBC customers

Mar 18, 2020

FortisBC set to support British Columbia during COVID-19 outbreak

Mar 16, 2020

BC Economic Development award winners for 2020 announced

Mar 11, 2020

Early engagement begins on Tilbury Phase 2 LNG Expansion Project

Feb 27, 2020

Nelson gets charged up on a new EV fast-charging station

Jan 27, 2020

FortisBC announces Tracy Medve as new Board Chair

Jan 17, 2020

FortisBC warns that energy use can spike with cold weather

Jan 13, 2020

FortisBC electricity rates set to change January 1, 2020

Dec 20, 2019

FortisBC regrets to announce the passing of Board Chair Ida Goodreau

Dec 11, 2019

Natural gas bills decreasing in the new year for most FortisBC residential customers

Dec 04, 2019

Get a charge out of Kelowna’s new EV fast charge stations

Nov 21, 2019

New data from FortisBC reveal the impact of making older apartments more sustainable

Nov 12, 2019

Canada’s Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Industry Recognizes Transit Agencies for NGV Leadership

Nov 10, 2019

Province proclaims Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Nov 01, 2019

Eight organizations honoured at FortisBC’s 2019 Efficiency in Action Awards

Oct 30, 2019

SEA\LNG advances North American footprint with addition of FortisBC

Oct 24, 2019

Vancouver Landfill now approved to produce Renewable Natural Gas

Oct 24, 2019

Province supports proposal for LNG ship-refuelling facility

Oct 24, 2019

Fire Prevention Week emphasizes importance of preparedness

Oct 09, 2019

Modernizing British Columbia’s gas system

Oct 03, 2019

24/7 public access compressed natural gas station opens in Kelowna

Sep 30, 2019

FortisBC electric customers eligible for new EV charging station rebates

Sep 30, 2019

Three deserving community organizations to receive a $15,000 boost from FortisBC

Sep 23, 2019

FortisBC sets 30BY30 Target for a lower-carbon future

Sep 23, 2019

FortisBC maintains low natural gas rates for the remainder of the year

Sep 17, 2019

Hitting the streets to help businesses conserve energy and reduce emissions

Sep 16, 2019

FortisBC secures first export contract for Tilbury LNG facility

Jul 16, 2019

City of Surrey and FortisBC reveal energy savings achieved through recent projects

Jul 12, 2019

FortisBC makes first move to phase-out two-tiered residential electric rate

Jun 27, 2019

Getting a charge at YLW and top spots in the interior B.C.

Jun 24, 2019

Royal BC Museum digitizes First Nations photo and audio-visual collections with support from FortisBC

Jun 18, 2019

FortisBC maintains low costs for natural gas and propane customers

Jun 18, 2019

FortisBC to host community open houses for its no-cost energy saving program

Jun 10, 2019

Canada’s Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Industry and the Government of Canada Release New Vehicle Deployment Roadmap

Jun 05, 2019

Safe digging practices recognized by FortisBC

May 30, 2019

TransLink introduces Renewable Natural Gas to its bus fleet

Apr 24, 2019

Renewable Natural Gas now part of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Apr 23, 2019

New Renewable Natural Gas project proposed for Prince George

Apr 18, 2019

Wilden and FortisBC lead the way to energy-conscious living

Apr 16, 2019

FortisBC electric rates to hold steady for another year

Apr 11, 2019

Carbon monoxide safety: an alarm can save your life

Apr 09, 2019

FortisBC celebrates Kamloops’ commitment to safe digging

Apr 04, 2019

FortisBC customers to receive more support for energy-efficiency initiatives

Apr 03, 2019

We dig it

Apr 02, 2019

BC Transit continues adding compressed natural gas buses

Mar 25, 2019

FortisBC maintains cost of gas rate for customers

Mar 18, 2019

FortisBC to host community open houses on its no-cost energy saving program

Mar 15, 2019

Partnership with the Township of Langley saves energy and money

Mar 08, 2019

2019 British Columbia Economic Development Awards winners announced

Mar 06, 2019

A single, flat rate on the horizon for FortisBC electricity customers

Feb 28, 2019

FortisBC partners to fund smart energy research chair at UBC Okanagan

Jan 21, 2019

Construction starting soon on FortisBC Gas Line Upgrades

Jan 15, 2019

District of Summerland streetlight upgrade reaps rebate

Jan 15, 2019

No change for FortisBC electricity customers

Jan 12, 2019

January rates announced for FortisBC natural gas customers

Dec 07, 2018

Cost of propane decreasing for FortisBC customers in Revelstoke

Dec 07, 2018

FortisBC gas supply outlook improves

Nov 22, 2018

Colder temperatures means greater conservation needed

Nov 14, 2018

Natural gas supply still limited despite completed Enbridge pipeline repair

Nov 02, 2018

FortisBC awards companies for safe digging excellence

Nov 01, 2018

Natural gas conservation needed throughout the winter

Oct 22, 2018

Billing relief offered to FortisBC customers

Oct 04, 2018

New program makes saving energy more affordable

Oct 01, 2018

FortisBC natural gas rates to remain low for the rest of the year

Sep 17, 2018

FortisBC announces winners of $15,000 Community Giving Awards at UBCM

Sep 10, 2018

FortisBC customers will see no change to electricity rates for 2018

Aug 07, 2018

FortisBC’s Upper Bonnington Generation Plant inducted into the Hydro Hall of Fame

Jul 17, 2018

UPS® Canada increases its alternative energy fleet

Jun 21, 2018

Natural gas rates stay steady for FortisBC customers this summer

Jun 18, 2018

Electric vehicles get a boost in a Canada-first initiative

Jun 13, 2018

BC Ferries' Spirit of British Columbia returns to service tomorrow

Jun 05, 2018

TransLink rolls out new clean energy buses for Surrey

May 15, 2018

Hitting the streets to help small businesses

May 10, 2018

10 top energy savers applauded at FortisBC’s annual awards

May 08, 2018

Same FortisBC bill notification, new look

May 01, 2018

Number of natural gas line hits rising

Apr 17, 2018

Construction of FortisBC Gas Line Upgrade set to start in spring 2018

Apr 05, 2018

New shipment of Canadian LNG to set sail to meet growing Chinese demand

Mar 29, 2018

FortisBC cost of natural gas maintained and propane rates decreasing

Mar 20, 2018

First-ever micro carbon capture unit installed in B.C. as part of FortisBC’s pilot program

Mar 15, 2018

North America’s First Closed-Loop Waste Management System Opens in Surrey

Mar 09, 2018

Electric vehicle travel to and within West Kootenays gets boost with 5 new fast chargers

Feb 16, 2018

Lighting of the 2010 Olympic Cauldron to honour Team Canada competing in Pyeongchang

Feb 08, 2018

FortisBC to explain proposed rate design changes

Feb 06, 2018

FortisBC applies to the BCUC for a return to a single residential rate

Jan 05, 2018

FortisBC delivers no rate increases for the new year

Dec 13, 2017

FortisBC announces appointment of Roger Dall’Antonia as new President and CEO

Dec 07, 2017

FortisBC announces appointment of Roger Dall’Antonia as new President and CEO

Dec 07, 2017

City of Vancouver, FortisBC working together to tackle climate change

Nov 24, 2017

First shipment of LNG from Canada to China launches from B.C.

Nov 22, 2017

Local businesses capture emissions and save energy through FortisBC pilot program

Nov 20, 2017

FortisBC is working to connect record number of customers

Nov 17, 2017

BC Communities bundled up for Turn Down the Heat Week

Nov 17, 2017

Innovative Kootenay partnership wins clean energy award

Nov 15, 2017

FortisBC statement on passing of President and CEO Michael Mulcahy

Nov 13, 2017

Uplifting the community by turning down the heat

Nov 04, 2017

Stay alert and be suspicious of door-to-door sales activity

Oct 27, 2017

FortisBC unveils new compressed natural gas fuelling station in Kamloops

Oct 25, 2017

Record number of participants take part in 2017 Great British Columbia ShakeOut

Oct 19, 2017

NGVAmerica Announces 2017 Natural Gas Fleet Program Award Recipient

Oct 10, 2017

FortisBC is working to make solar energy accessible to its customers

Oct 03, 2017

FortisBC encourages customer feedback on electric rate design

Sep 25, 2017

Four recipients receive $15,000 FortisBC Community Giving fund

Sep 25, 2017

FortisBC natural gas rates remain low for remainder of the year

Sep 19, 2017

Fortis Inc. provides update on recovery efforts from Hurricane Irma on Turks and Caicos

Sep 15, 2017

Fortis Inc. and its subsidiaries ready to respond to aftermath of Hurricane Irma on Turks and Caicos

Sep 08, 2017

Traffic advisory for Mariner Way

Aug 31, 2017

FortisBC offers billing relief for evacuated customers

Aug 28, 2017

Statement on incident at Tilbury expansion

Aug 23, 2017

Installing windows and helping to rebuild lives, FortisBC set to deliver REnEW training in Kelowna

Aug 08, 2017

Stay cool and save energy when the heat spikes

Aug 02, 2017

Proposed renewed operating agreement with the City of Surrey

Jul 25, 2017

Hotline established for businesses impacted by B.C. wildfires

Jul 21, 2017

FortisBC donates $25,000 to Canadian Red Cross in support of B.C. wildfire relief

Jul 18, 2017

FortisBC natural gas rates to remain low this summer

Jun 19, 2017

Top B.C. energy savers recognized at FortisBC Efficiency in Action Awards

May 04, 2017

FortisBC responds to City of Vancouver’s statement of April 29, 2017

Apr 29, 2017

What lies beneath: BC Safety Authority and FortisBC remind of the risks of ground breaking activities during Safe Digging Month

Apr 10, 2017

FortisBC helps fund the Provincial Invasive Mussel Program

Mar 30, 2017

Fully Compressed Natural Gas Powered Conventional Fleet in Kamloops Creates Jobs and a Greener Future for British Columbian

Mar 22, 2017

Increasing the market for LNG and renewable natural gas

Mar 22, 2017

Government of Canada Invests in Renewable Natural Gas

Mar 15, 2017

Compressed natural gas fueling station in Whistler moves to next phase

Mar 15, 2017

FortisBC recognizes Island Health emission reductions with new boiler upgrade at Eagle Park Lodge

Mar 14, 2017

FortisBC maintains cost of natural gas for customers

Mar 13, 2017

Cost of propane changing for FortisBC customers in Revelstoke

Mar 10, 2017

FortisBC warns customers of suspicious door-to-door sales

Feb 09, 2017

Fully Compressed Natural Gas Powered Fleet in Nanaimo Creates Jobs and a Greener Future for British Columbians

Jan 19, 2017

Home of Tomorrow demonstrates energy efficiency

Jan 13, 2017

FortisBC receives approval to adjust natural gas rates for Fort Nelson

Dec 09, 2016

FortisBC receives approval for changes to natural gas and propane rates

Dec 09, 2016

FortisBC receives approval for electricity rate change

Dec 07, 2016

Woodfibre LNG authorized to continue with proposed LNG export facility

Nov 04, 2016

FortisBC responds to incident at Squamish Community Office

Nov 03, 2016


Oct 24, 2016

FortisBC awarded for social media campaign promoting energy conservation

Sep 28, 2016

REnEW participants give back while gaining new skills

Sep 16, 2016

FortisBC receives approval for adjustment to natural gas rates

Sep 12, 2016

Project Update: FortisBC receives environmental assessment approval for the Eagle Mountain – Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project

Aug 10, 2016

FortisBC receives BCUC return on equity and common equity component decision

Aug 10, 2016

Statement from FortisBC on environmental assessment approval for the Eagle Mountain – Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project

Aug 09, 2016

Emissions plan limits choice, drives up costs; Consumers should lead way, Roger Dall'Antonia writes (Opinion)

Jul 29, 2016

Fortis statement on LNG supply agreement with Hawaiian Electric Companies

Jul 20, 2016

Tilbury LNG project update: Hawaiian Public Utilities Commission Decision

Jul 16, 2016

FortisBC responds to City of Vancouver’s ‘Zero Emissions Building Plan'

Jul 12, 2016

Contract awarded for FortisBC’s Kootenay Operations Centre

Jul 07, 2016

FortisBC receives Environmental Certificate from Squamish Nation for Eagle Mountain Woodfibre Gas Pipeline

Jun 27, 2016

FortisBC Tilbury LNG expansion creating jobs and benefiting local communities

Jun 13, 2016

Tilbury expansion project: creating jobs and economic opportunities for BC

Jun 09, 2016

FortisBC presents the Efficiency in Action awards

May 31, 2016

Fortis Inc. enters in Liquefied Natural Gas Supply Agreement with Hawaiian Electric

May 19, 2016

FortisBC wraps up Safe Digging Month by encouraging safe digging practices all year long

Apr 26, 2016

Province investing in energy efficient homes

Apr 22, 2016

Getting a charge in downtown Kelowna

Apr 21, 2016

FortisBC supports homes of tomorrow

Mar 31, 2016

FortisBC supports permanent stations to protect BC from invasive mussels

Mar 30, 2016

FortisBC supports BC Ferries in the conversion of two vessels to LNG

Mar 24, 2016

Majority of FortisBC customers will see a decrease in their natural gas bills

Mar 21, 2016

FortisBC receives approval to build new Kootenay facility

Mar 07, 2016

Appliance maintenance key to safety this winter

Feb 01, 2016

FortisBC receives approval for electricity rate increase

Dec 18, 2015

FortisBC receives approval for adjustments to natural gas and propane rates

Dec 17, 2015

FortisBC supports Teck LNG haul truck pilot project

Dec 09, 2015

FortisBC expands energy conservation assistance program for electricity customers

Nov 26, 2015

FortisBC’s LNG projects benefiting local workers and businesses

Nov 24, 2015

FortisBC Tilbury LNG expansion providing significant economic and employment benefits across the Lower Mainland

Nov 16, 2015

FortisBC statement on Tsawwassen First Nation membership consultation

Nov 15, 2015

Give your natural gas appliances some attention before winter

Nov 02, 2015

Village of Keremeos Thanks FortisBC for Donations Toward Walking Trail Project

Oct 30, 2015

Vancouver Board of Trade announces winners of the 2016 Rix Awards

Oct 28, 2015

FortisBC starts construction of expanded Tilbury LNG Facility

Oct 21, 2014

FortisBC is working to bring natural gas to Revelstoke

Sep 23, 2014

FortisBC receives BCUC decision on rate proposal for customers

Sep 16, 2014

Most natural gas customers to see commodity rate decrease

Sep 15, 2014

Tilbury liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility expansion update: Strong market demand for BC LNG supply

Aug 19, 2014

FortisBC selects contractor for $400 million Tilbury Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facility Expansion Project

Jul 28, 2014

FortisBC announces appointment of Michael Mulcahy as new President and CEO

Jul 24, 2014

Government expands programs to help customers lower energy costs

Jul 11, 2014

FortisBC to begin advanced meter exchanges in Trail

Jul 03, 2014

FortisBC receives government approval for amalgamation of gas utilities

May 28, 2014

REnEW graduates reenergized and poised for positive life changes

May 07, 2014

FortisBC seeks energy innovators to grow BCs biogas supply

May 05, 2014

New Crime Stoppers collaboration targets energy thieves

Apr 30, 2014

FortisBC customers not affected by Heartbleed bug

Apr 16, 2014

Safe Digging Month: FortisBC encourages British Columbians to stay safe and “Call Before You Dig”

Mar 31, 2014

FortisBC continues to help put cleaner, natural gas vehicles on B.C.'s roads

Mar 27, 2014

FortisBC receives second stage of generic cost of capital decision

Mar 26, 2014

FortisBC to increase natural gas and propane commodity rates

Mar 14, 2014

FortisBC receives regulatory approval for amalgamation of gas utilities

Feb 27, 2014

FortisBC supports the Business Improvement Areas of B.C. with the successful “Turn Down the Heat Week” campaign that runs in 21 business communities across B.C.

Jan 30, 2014