Work with us: contractors and vendors

Safety is a top priority for us. Our trusted relationships with contractors and vendors are key to our ability to deliver safe, reliable energy in a responsible manner to the communities we serve.

Pre-qualify through ISNetworld

To further our commitment to safe worksites, we’ve chosen ISNetworld® (ISN) as our primary contractor pre-qualification system for all work classified as moderate to high-risk.

ISN is a global leader in contractor and supplier information management. ISN’s platform, ISNetworld, serves as a forum for sharing industry best practices. It helps assess and monitor contractor and supplier risk for its members.

Our pre-qualification process

All contractors, vendors or suppliers interested in working on FortisBC projects, including projects listed on our Talking Energy website, are required to provide us with information about their business including a description of their services, experience and areas of interest.

To be considered for work classified as low-risk, contractors can begin by completing our online contractors and vendors form. Examples of low-risk work include, but are not limited to, photography, classroom training, audit/appraisal services or delivery/transportation services where there is no physical connection to FortisBC equipment.

To be considered for work classified as moderate to high-risk, contractors can begin by registering with ISNetworld®, FortisBC’s primary contractor pre-qualification system.

Moderate to high-risk work involves work on FortisBC sites where such access, and the nature of the work performed, creates the reasonable potential for harm to workers, the public, assets, the environment and archeological interests, regardless of size. 

Examples of high-risk work include, but are not limited to, powerline/pipeline construction, directional drilling, LNG facility/equipment construction or repair or geotechnical engineering/seismic sampling.

To confirm the risk level of your work, please contact [email protected].

How to apply through ISN

If your company is a current ISN member/subscriber, there is no additional fee to connect to hiring clients within the system; however, please ensure your company has connected to FortisBC and completed the requirements specific to FortisBC. If your company is new to ISN, there is an annual fee to subscribe to this service.

Once connected to FortisBC, your company is required to submit information in ISN including the following:

  • company profile
  • occupational health and safety questionnaire
  • sustainability and environmental questionnaire
  • Indigenous relations questionnaire
  • incident statistics
  • quality management plan
  • safety programs
  • WorkSafeBC documentation including rate statement, account status, insurance and applicable safety certificates such as certificate of recognition (COR) and small employer certificate of recognition (SECOR)

Benefits of ISN

ISN provides FortisBC with oversight on contractors’ safety, environmental and sustainability policies. This information helps us select contractors whose policies align with our strict worksite safety and environmental practices and implement inclusivity in their hiring practices.

With FortisBC’s baseline safety requirements clearly outlined, contractors and vendors can see how their safety practices align with FortisBC and where they may need to make adjustments.

An ISN subscription streamlines the process for contractors interested in working for FortisBC. It also offers contractors the potential to connect with other client companies in the ISN system.

Working with Indigenous businesses 

Collaborating with Indigenous communities to develop business and employment opportunities is an important priority for us and is identified in our Statement of Indigenous Principles. As a Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business Progressive Aboriginal Relations silver-level member, we’re committed to continuing to work towards improvement in our leadership actions, business development, employment and community relationships.

We continue to strengthen our relationships with Indigenous communities and Indigenous businesses. Our contractor pre-qualification process through ISNetworld® helps us collaborate efficiently with businesses performing moderate to high-risk work. The ISN pre-qualification process includes questions and considerations related to sustainability and Indigenous-owned or affiliated business participation.1

The application process 

Contractors or vendors who wish to be considered for work classified as low-risk can begin by completing FortisBC’s online contractors and vendors form. For those who wish to be considered for work classified as moderate to high-risk, the pre-qualification process begins by registering with ISN, FortisBC’s primary contractor pre-qualification system. 

ISN application support 

If you are the owner of an Indigenous, or Indigenous-affiliated business, and you have questions regarding the ISN subscription process and costs, or require further support, please contact us at [email protected].

Financial support for small or startup businesses 

We have limited funding available to support small, Indigenous-owned businesses with the partial cost of subscribing to ISNetworld. Apply now.

We’re here to help 

For more information on our pre-qualification process, contact us at [email protected].

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FortisBC defines an Indigenous-owned business as a company that’s wholly or partially owned or controlled by one or more Indigenous individuals, businesses or communities. FortisBC also defines an Indigenous-affiliated business as one that is wholly non-Indigenous-owned, but has a formal arrangement with an Indigenous community or individual(s) to provide business, economic, employment, training opportunities or services in British Columbia.