Propane safety

In Revelstoke we pipe propane directly to customers’ homes and businesses where it’s used every day for space and water heating, cooking and more. Like natural gas, for safety reasons we add an odour that smells like rotten eggs or sulphur so you can detect if there’s a leak or spill. 

If you suspect a propane leak

If you receive piped propane service from FortisBC and smell rotten eggs or hear the hissing sound of escaping gas, it could be a propane leak. 

  1. Stop what you're doing. Don’t use your cellphone or landline, don’t smoke, light matches or operate electrical switches or create any other source of ignition.
  2. Go outside. As you exit, leave the door open behind you as well as any windows that may already be open.
  3. Call us. Once outside, call the FortisBC Emergency Line at 1-800-663-9911 (24 hours) or 911.

Using propane safely

Propane is a safe fuel when handled with care. If you’re using a propane barbecue or have a propane storage tank to supply energy for your appliances, follow these tips to stay safe.

  • Store propane tanks outside and above ground. Always store propane cylinders outside in a well-ventilated and secure location – never in an enclosed building or basement. Propane is heavier than air, so be aware that it can gather in low-lying areas.
  • Keep portable propane tanks away from electrical sources. Store portable propane tanks and cylinders at least three metres away from electrical sources at all times. Propane is a relatively dense gas, so leaks near electrical outlets or meters could pose a fire risk. 
  • Paint your propane storage tank. An unpainted or dark-coloured tank may absorb heat from sunlight, which may cause the pressure inside the tank to increase and gas to escape from the relief valve. The Fire Prevention Officers Association recommends keeping propane tanks painted white or another light, reflective colour. 
  • Keep your face away from valves on tanks or cylinders. A sudden release of propane liquid from the safety relief valve could result in serious injury.
  • Cap or plug non-connected gas lines and valves. If you are not sure how to shut off the gas supply from your tank or cylinder, contact your propane supplier for instructions.


Have a licensed gas contractor service propane appliances

Use our online directory to find approved natural gas contractors in your community. When selecting a contractor, make sure personnel are certified gas fitters and experienced at inspecting all types of gas appliances for safe operation. Get tips for hiring a contractor.