Upper Bonnington Refurbishment Project

Carefully maintaining existing assets is one of the ways we work to keep rates lower for our customers. As a result of this project, the four power generation units at our Upper Bonnington Generation Plant will continue to provide clean electricity for at least another 20 years and have protection measures and controls to meet modern standards.

Project timeline

  • 2016 – British Columbia Utilities Commission application and approval
  • 2017 – 2021 – Rebuild of one unit per year
  • 2021 – Project completion

Quick facts

  • As part of the project, we’ll replace the auxiliary systems that run the units and refurbish many of the core components, so even after this refurbishment, some of the original components such as the original turbines, rotors and shafts will remain in service.
  • The total estimated capital cost of the project is $31.78 million with a rate impact of 0.61 per cent.
  • These are the last of FortisBC’s 15 units to be modernized—we completed upgrades to our other 11 power generation units between 1998 and 2011.