Billing support for customers affected by wildfires

Last summer's wildfires across the province have impacted families and businesses. We’re here to help by supporting our customers that need it the most.

Bill credit for customers under evacuation order

We always look to ensure customers are billed fairly for their energy use. Given that many customers were forced from their homes or businesses due to evacuation orders, we will provide a bill credit for customers who have been under evacuation order for more than five days to cover energy used at their home or business during this time. The credit will apply to both gas and electric services for all qualifying residential customers, as well as small and large commercial customers.

To make the billing relief process simple, we will automatically apply the credit by cross-referencing billing data with evacuation information from municipalities, First Nations band councils, the Province and our operations team.

Depending on the timing of the evacuation, billing cycles and the volume of customers impacted, these credits may take several months to appear on your bill.

We’ve also paused collection-related activities and are waiving late payment charges that may have otherwise occurred during the evacuation period.

Answering your questions

Our billing team will cross‐reference billing data with evacuation information received from municipalities, the Province, First Nations band counsels and our operations team. This includes the starting and ending dates to determine the relief period that applies in each case.

If you are an industrial customer and your business has been impacted by wildfires, your key account manager is here to help. They can speak to you about your account and discuss payment arrangements.

We are dedicated to working with our customers on the specific circumstances that are affecting their account and their service. We understand that customers may experience life events or other challenges that may impact their ability to pay their bill on time.

We also recognize that each situation is unique, and we are committed to working with each customer on an individual basis to find a way to keep the energy flowing to their home or business. We believe that flexible policies focusing on individual customer needs, combined with other available supports and resources provided through the communities we serve, is the best way to assist our customers through whatever challenges they are experiencing.

Our customer service representatives are here to help if customers have concerns about their bills or their services:

Call us:
Natural gas: 1-888-224-2710 (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
Electricity: 1-866-436-7847 (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Email us:
Natural gas: [email protected]
Electricity: [email protected]

Or access your Account Online.

Keeping you informed

We’re committed to responding to the needs of our customers and employees and keeping you informed. Our contact centres are available to serve you, and we’ll post updates on our website and social media feeds.